HHS students, Rebuilding Together gave Friendship House a new porch

On Saturday, April 28, Rebuilding Together came to Friendship House to help do some repairs. They replaced a very rotten porch with a very beautiful new one. Students from Hoquiam High School did yard work, which included a brick and gravel walkway and an outstanding flowerbed all planted. The students were Tasia Tumbleson, Patience Nikula, Tucker Dufrane, Andrew Pellegrini and Billie Turpin. Lee Hauser, president made the arrangements and John Smith, co-captain decided what equipment and supplies were needed. Juan Allejandre from Affordable Construction, John Smith of Beacon Pest Control, Dean Dickhoff and Keith Allen were the contractors who worked on the deck. I can’t thank all the people who worked on site. You made a difference.

Paula Rowell