Hiding something?

In the last Ocean Shores 2012 payroll forecast there were funds that were allocated to some unfilled job titles. I was wondering, because of the increased 2013 budgets in several departments, if they once again had hidden away, job titles that allocated money to positions such as assistant fire chief, fire marshal, public works director or city administrator, that weren’t occupied by individuals.

I issued a public records request for this report and was denied the report by the city clerk, who just referred me to the city budget on Filepro.

This detailed information is not found in the 2013 budget.

What is the city trying to hide?

Should our councilors be looking for this report in the next budget session? How much attention is really being given to the necessity of the proposed EMS utility fee relative to surpluses like this that may already be in the budget? This report could reveal the truth, but it is being hidden away in City Hall.

Al Lizakowski

Ocean Shores