A hot issue

It is now time to choose those politicians we think will come the closest to running our country best. Our problem is that city folks who know nothing about our way of life are the ones who make choices regarding our life.

We have a very critical issue happening right now. It is before Congress now what is going to happen with Wild Olympics. Now is your chance to vote on this. If they say they are for job creation ask yourself what kind of jobs they are going to create.

We need desperately to change our “burn, baby, burn” forest policy. The natural way that our environmentalist groups advocate is leave it alone. Downed timber stays on the forest floor only to become fuel in the future. When the fire occurs, remember that the roads you used to use are no longer there. No tankers to put it out.

Will the fires in Colorado and Eastern Washington be enough to convince the voters that our backward forest policy needs to change? It is really already too late to save the Olympic National Forest. It is just a matter of time. We need to change our favorite song to “Burn Baby, Burn.” We’re just waiting for three weeks of dry weather, followed by an east wind. One carelessly thrown cigarette or a lightning strike and we will understand the folly of Nature Conservancy.

Louie A. Ross