Immigration issue

A copy of the pledge below was presented for signature approval to each of the four candidates for Grays Harbor County Commissioner, Frank Gordon, Wes Cormier, Allan Shores and Terry Willis within the last week and a verbal response was requested and received from each of the four at the Oct. 10, Elma Chamber of Commerce candidate lunch meeting.

The Pledge:

“I as a County Commissioner for Grays Harbor County will ensure that status of all county contractors employees, on all contracts, will be affirmed by the simple ‘E-Verification’ program (name/social security number match) prior to contract approval and there will be I-9 (“Employee eligibility verification”) forms on all employees readily available to commissioners, or those directly delegated by the commissioners, for review at anytime.”

“This will include ‘all’ employees of contractors, sub-contractors to include day laborers.”

The County Commissioners supervise our 36,000 acres of forest timber parcels scattered from Elma to Elk River and Quinault. They approve planting, thinning, cutting and ‘salal’ contracts.

For 15 years, our commissioners have refused to check the legality of what I believe are cash paid, undocumented workers. It should be a standard policy that legal residents and citizens be employed on county contracts and take home a decent family wage.

This resulted in the termination of the standard policy that legal residents, citizens would be and had been used on county contracts for decades previously and had been taking home a decent family wage.

Two years ago present Commissioner Herb Welch had, as one of the primary promises, to determine the legal status of contractors’ employees. He has been out voted 2-1 by Commissioners Terry Willis and Mike Wilson.

Commissioner Welch and the citizens of Grays Harbor need and deserve your voter help. The good ol’ boys network built around the county commissioners has to cease and desist. Thank goodness that opportunity is finally here.

Only one candidate, Democrat Frank Gordon, has endorsed the pledge. He has sincerely vowed to join with Commissioner Welch helping to set an example for all employers in this county, including the farmers.

Having talked to Wes Cormier on this subject I believe he will make this, as commissioner, a primary moral concern and be an excellent county commissioner team member.

Lets vote for and elect Frank Gordon and Wes Cormier for a precedent setting new day at the Grays Harbor County Commissioners.

Mandatory open E-verification and I-9 form (employee eligibility verification) for all county contract workers will finally be here.

Stan Blunt