Imperium VP supports levy

On behalf of Imperium Grays Harbor, I am writing to express our support for the proposed levy to raise funds for a ladder truck.

As with any industrial and/or manufacturing facility, safety is our highest priority. We depend on the brave men and women of the Fire Department to be able to respond to an emergency. Being able to respond means having the right equipment for the job. But right now, the Hoquiam Fire Department currently lacks a truck that can reach more than two stories, meaning the department is limited in the types of incidents to which it can respond, putting life and property at risk.

There are at least three key reasons to add a ladder truck to the department, including:

• Allowing access or egress of firefighters at height and distance

• Providing a high-level water point (or elevated master stream) for firefighting

• Providing a working platform from which tasks such as ventilation or overhaul can be executed

All of us at Imperium are proud of our first responders and hope that our support for this levy will help give them the tools they need to do their job effectively and safely.

John R. Gillespie

VP Operations

Imperium Grays Harbor