It’s the “environmental extremists”

Stephen Frank wrote about shipping away our natural resources. He is right about the issue but wrong about the cause. Rather than simply blame Republicans, it might be nice if letter writers actually investigate the issue rather than regurgitate Democrat talking points.

If Mr. Frank would review the recent articles and letters in The Daily World, he would discover the real culprits are the environmental extremists. They are convinced the sky will fall if we burn coal or biomass for electricity, ship coal, drill for oil and gas, build pipelines for oil or gas, use gasoline, harvest timber or build highways.

It is the environmental extremists who do not want coal or biomass and are also trying to prevent coal from being shipped overseas through Aberdeen. It is the environmental extremists who convinced Obama not to build the pipeline, which will now be built in Canada for Canadian jobs. It is the environmental extremists who kill jobs in this county, this state and this nation. Remember the spotted owl and the loss of timber jobs? This was your introduction to the environmental extremists.

Today we are shipping the oil to the East and West Coasts by railroad, which is much more dangerous to the environment than pipelines. When the Canadian oil pipeline is built, remember who shipped out our jobs! When Canada ships coal by rail to a seaport in Vancouver, B.C., remember who shipped out our jobs! The answer: The Democratic Party and the environmental extremists.

Mr. Frank, I suggest you join a political party — either party — to influence its policies. But, Mr. Frank, be aware that if you join the Republican Party we will require you to think!

Ardean A. Anvik