It’s the liberals’ fault

Several items have caught my attention in our liberal environment. The first being: Why did it take two law enforcement folks to get hurt before the liberal knee-jerk reaction set in? A while back two 80-year-old folks were killed by a crazed man at their own home; now we have another crazed man show up at the courthouse in Montesano.

Why are these people out walking around when they should be in a mental institution? The answer is easy — because of liberalism and the Democratic party. The other item is why is the Fort Hood Muslim killer that killed 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded 33 others not been brought to trial? The American soldier that killed a dozen folks in Afghanistan will be brought to trial sooner than the Muslim, the reason being he is a Christian and will be given the death penalty. Want to make a bet?

Darcy Skaalrud