It’s time for McKenna

Who do you think should be our next governor?

I think it is time for people to decide for themselves who they should vote for in this upcoming election. It is time for voters to get educated rather than blindly voting for who their parents voted for or grandparents or who their union rep. tells them to vote for. Find out for yourself: You decide!

When it comes to the governor’s race, do you want a candidate who has spent his entire career working to better the lives of citizens here in Washington state or someone who spent 16 years in the other Washington?

Do you want someone who has stayed on the job he was elected to or do you want someone who resigned their position to run for governor a few weeks too soon so it would cost our state over $1 million to run a special election to replace his seat in Congress for a little over one month?

Do you want someone who has managed a staff of over 1,200 in offices all over the state, who cut his budget by $30 million and staff by 14 percent while increasing his staff moral to receiving the highest job satisfaction rating of all of the state agencies? That would be Rob McKenna. Wouldn’t you like to see him do that with all the agencies in Olympia? Can you imagine the savings?

I can’t wait to see what Rob will do. Rob McKenna is the leader we need in Olympia. I hope you will join me in voting for Rob McKenna to be the next governor of our great state, no matter what your grandma would think!

Cathy Colley