It burns his biscuits

Former State Sen. Mark Doumit says he is voting against the measure to require labeling of GMO food. He says that the measure will hurt consumer’s pocketbooks and that “Those plants have been modified … to make them healthier for human consumption.”

It really burns my biscuits when I hear politicians express concern about hurting consumer’s pocketbooks. The current state of our economy and the struggle of the average American family to get by shows the hypocrisy of that sentiment.

Opponents to I-522 say that for years 70 to 80 percent of processed foods have contained GMO ingredients that the federal government has deemed safe. Doesn’t that make you feel secure? The FDA deemed Vioxx and many other drugs to be safe that had to be removed from the market because they caused death. Just listen to some of the commercials for FDA approved drugs beamed into our brains on the TV. Some of them flat out state that they may cause death or other serious complications.

Mr. Doumit must have done some shallow research on the science of GMOs. I wonder who “butters his bread”? (Or should I say corn oil margarine?) Montsano says that labeling would “threaten confidence in GMO foods” and that they “stand by the science.” The truth is their science is a 90-day study on rats. What they don’t reveal is that longer term studies show stomach perferations, cancer, tumors and sterility in the second and third generations. They don’t reveal that South African farmers rejected GMO corn after they found an increase in disease and still births in their cattle and increased illness in their workers who subsist largely on corn. The problems went away when they stopped using GMO corn. Could this explain the seeming epidemic of diabetes, obesity and other gastro-intestinal diseases currently plaguing the American people? What about the thousands of people who stopped suffering symptoms of those diseases when they switched to an organic diet?

The fact is, we are being lied to. Surprised? The only thing Monsanto and big food and pharmaceutical companies are worried about is their bottom line and that the consumer will reject their products. Initially it will probably cost more for alternative products, but I’m confident a truly free market in food production will eliminate that difference as it is already starting to do with organic products. Personally, I’m willing to pay a little more to not be poisoned.

James Preisinger

Pacific Beach