It could be worse, maybe

Aberdeen J.C. Penney’s To close.

Could it be that Sears will soon follow? To me, a possible omen is the sale of Craftsman tools now at other businesses, like Dennis Co. What else is there at Sears? Clothes, appliances, TVs? I would guess most clothes are bought at Walmart. TVs at Walmart or Costco.

We have yet to see any plan by the new mall owner to revitalize the dated and decrepit facility. Who are they going to get to open a business there?

In the past several years, I estimate roughly two dozen businesses have closed on Grays Harbor, at least half of which were eateries. And why not? There are fewer union jobs, fewer jobs period, lower wages, general economic fear. The middle class of this area has been disemboweled.

Add to this the decaying appearance of Aberdeen, 20 percent poverty, sub par schools, a general malaise and it’s not difficult to understand why a lot of us are in denial. If we didn’t con ourselves with the Chamber of Commerce Kool-aid that we live in the midst of God’s country and to cheer up, you need only tour the neighborhoods on the hill, who knows what we could accomplish? As it is, we’re the state poster child for social ills, physical maladies and economic depression.

“Come As You Are” may have been meant as an invitation, but it is devolving into a plea. Might things get better? Well, does the President HOPE in the woods?

Tori Kovach