Jail conditions could spread germs

Where Is Aberdeen?

Is Aberdeen in a high mountain village of Central America? Or, is Aberdeen in a small tribal community in Cambodia? Or is Aberdeen, perhaps, in a rainforest in South America or maybe a small obscure island in the Philippines?

In my knowledge of America, we are first on the scene in a catastrophe to help insure the prevention of disease. America is there when a hurricane or an earthquake strikes, no matter where it occurs in the world. America supplies sterilized bottles of drinking water to insure fresh, clean drinking water because we are fully aware that there is a good possibility the available water after a catastrophe may be contaminated. We bring disposable paper cups for individual usage to prevent any possibility of the spread of disease from person to person. If you were to go into any public restroom in any state of the union you would witness a sign at the sink, or maybe posted on the door, to wash your hands before leaving to prevent the spread of disease. The health department is in constant contact with public areas to insure that the public is safe from the spread of disease. What a disaster it would be if a pandemic hit our community — remember H1N1.

So, if we are so aware of the cause of disease, would someone please tell me why in our Aberdeen jail the inmates have to share (pass around) a used shampoo bottle because disposable cups or water bottles are unavailable? (They are doled-out packets of Kool-Aid, but with no means to mix and drink from). Have we gotten so uncaring of others as to whether or not harm comes to those who have made mistakes, saying “They deserve it!” A word to those who would say that, just remember, they will be released back into our community and then heaven forbid if they had contacted a contagious germ to spread to the public.

Again, would someone please tell me if I am still in America?

Deborah Midkiff