The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers supports energy exports as a way to strengthen America’s economy. The oil terminals proposed by Westway Terminals, Imperial Renewables and US Development at the Port of Grays Harbor present the opportunity for good paying jobs for construction workers, port workers and all the businesses they spend their money at.

A Daily Word article headlined “Port election contributions carry campaign theme” could give the impression that electricians is Southwest Washington are opposed to the development of new energy export facilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. Union electrical workers have turned out to public hearings in mass to support energy export facilities like the proposed Millennium coal terminal in Longview.

Electricians have suffered horrible unemployment, along with everyone else in our community who has been hurt by the Great Recession. That’s why we support energy export development in Grays Harbor.

Dennis Callies, Business Manager, IBEW Local 76

Gary Young, Business Manager, IBEW Local 48


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