Kick them off the gravy train

The State of Washington doesn’t care if you vote for lower taxes. The powers at hand will simply strike your vote down and they will tax you as much as they want, no matter what you say or how you vote. That is a fact.

Our government is out of control, the career politicians have lost touch with reality. It is obvious they have not a clue what it’s like to have a real job, feed your family and balance your check book.

It is a shame that the government isn’t held accountable for its actions, but they aren’t. If they over spend they just raise your taxes. It is wrong and criminal. If the working man were to run his family business like the government, he would be put in jail.

I was very happy when the people approved I-1185 that required a 2/3 majority vote to raise taxes. The masses strongly support this measure, they voted for it in 1993, 1998, 2007, 2010 and just 4 months ago they voted overwhelmingly again with 1.9 million votes to limit the government’s ability to tax at will. Excessive taxation is not the answer. For some reason the government will not cut spending or cut taxes.

Eventually we will be taxed to the point where it will be impossible for people with a “real job” to make ends meet, and we will fold up and die, or the only way to make it will be to work for the government. Then we will officially be a socialist country, “government owned and run.” I see a revolution before that happens.

I don’t understand the justices that went against 1,575,655 voters.

Gov. Jay Inslee said he would not increase taxes and that he would veto any tax increases. He had to say that to get elected. Let’s see if our governor has any integrity and keeps his promises to the voters that elected him. It’s time to pay attention to who is behind these impudent decisions.

Justices that went against the voters: Susan Owens, Barbara Madsen, Mary Fairhurst, Charles Wiggins and Steven Gonzalez. Remember these askew individuals at the ballot box, and keep track of your representatives. Hit them where is hurts, the ballot box. Kick them off the gravy train!

Jerry Tilley