Kids join in Kony campaign

Editor’s Note: “Kony 2012,” a video produced by multimedia-based activists Invisible Children, went viral in March. It shines a spotlight on warlord Joseph Kony of the Lord’s Resistance Army, a militant group operating mainly in Uganda. Kony was indicted by the International Criminal Court in 2005 for war crimes and crimes against humanity, but has avoided capture. “Kony 2012” aims to speed his capture by raising awareness about his exploits. Matthew Mauer teaches 5th and 6th graders at Wishkah Valley School, and showed them the video. His students then wrote letters and are pursuing other activities help in the awareness-raising campaign. Here is a sampling of their letters:

Joseph Kony should be stopped!

Joseph Kony is cruel and is a very bad man. Since 2008, he has killed 2,400 people. He kidnaps kids and makes the boys become warriors and the girls, sex slaves. He has captured 100s of people and displaced over 440,000. In just 2012 alone, there were 57 abductions.

Joseph Kony should be stopped. If these crimes happened in the U.S. For one day it would be known everywhere. He has been doing this for 26 years and he is not known and not stopping. His army the LRA has 250 fighters still committing crimes. He is the top criminal on the list of the International Criminal Court. He is the worst there is. Since Kony 2012, 2 joint resolutions, after the 1st video have been signed by over 100 members of Congress. He is starting to be known.

Joseph Kony can be stopped, but we need your help. Be a person that helps. You can make him be known.

Dawn Marti, 6th grade

Stop Joseph Kony!

Joseph Kony is a warlord and he needs to be stopped. He takes children my age and turns them into child soldiers and makes them mess up peoples faces so that they can barely see or talk. He burns villages, kills children and kills the children’s parents. He also believes that he is a prophet that is doing God a favor (out of the Bible). He is supposedly doing this all based on the ten commandments.

Joseph Kony now has millions of people who want to stop him and they are doing everything they can. Here is how you can help: Go to the website and down at the bottom of the homepage click donate. That money will go to the Invisible Children Organization.

Remember, you should help your neighbors, because “Our liberty is bound together across the world and across the street.” (KONY2012 pt. II)

Shea Taylor, 5th grade

Stopping Joseph Kony

People of the World,

Joseph Kony is a vicious warlord who needs to be stopped.

Why do we need to stop him? Because Kony is the leader of the L.R.A., or the Lord’s Resistance Army is why we must stop him! They are a group of about 250 men strong that have abducted over 30,000 children.That’s right, Kony abducts children. He forces the boys to become soldiers in his army and the girls to become his or the other high commander’s wives or sex slaves. Kony started out in Uganda, but now he is causing havoc in Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, C.R.A., or the Central Republic of Africa, as well as Uganda. The LRA has killed over 2,400 since 2005. Kony is fighting and killing for no cause, just to show his power! This has been going on for 25 years; in Europe or the U.S. He would have been stopped and thrown in jail the minute he started!

In Africa they are trying to stop him they just don’t have strong enough armies. Five peace talks have not worked! It looks as if the only way to stop Kony (excluding death) is to arrest him. For that to happen they must find him and the LRA, for that to happen the U.N. Must send help into Africa. For that to happen the president of the U.S.A., the queen of England and so on, and for that to happen WE MUST BE HEARD!

Go online to and make a difference! “Our liberty is bound together across the street and across the world!” (KONY2012 ptII) SO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

By Robyn Davies, 5th grade

Or Kony resistance member #107,690,861,437,840,098,631 (approximately =)) Will you be #107,690,861,437,840,098,632?

Stopping Kony

Joseph Kony is a bad guy, and you can help Invisible Children to bring him to justice.

Joseph Kony abducts kids my age and brain washes them to be soldiers. Kony also burns villages. Kony is a really bad guy!

You can help by making Kony famous and help invisible children by putting posters up and shouting out. Most of this has been done by people under 21 or 18 so far, but people of all ages should help.

You can help too. Remember, “Our liberty is bound together across the world and across the street.” (KONY2012 ptII)

Abbigail VanBlaricom, 5th grade

I think that Joseph Kony is a terrible man and needs to be stopped immediately. I also think that everyone that’s heard about him needs to help bring him down and hopefully he will show his face.

Joseph Kony is a bad person and has created a lot of crimes. He needs to stop. He has also killed thousands of people, children and adults. And, he has abducted over 30,000 children. All of those people have been hurt in some way shape or form, and all of the girls that are 10 years of age have been forced by Joseph Kony to marry him and be his wife. They are also forced to treat him like a husband and they have to act like wives and do what wives have to do. Joseph Kony has molested children and his so called “wives.” This man has done terrible things to both children and adults.

Joseph Kony has done a lot of bad things and it’s time to stop him. In order for him to stop, everyone is going to need to help. People may think that it’s hard to help, but really, actually it’s not that hard. You could help just by talking to one of your friends about him and inform people what he has done. It’s as simple as having a conversation with a friend. It may not seem like you’re doing much, but really, it is helping by getting the word out. People could also help by making some signs and protesting. Please help out and do whatever you can to help.

Together we can bring him down and make a change. The world we want is coming!

ShaeAnn Mills, Wishkah School, 5th grade

Joseph Kony is a bad guy and should be stopped. Joseph Kony is kidnapping children throughout Africa. He kidnapped over 30,000 kids! He turns the boys into child soldiers, and turns the girls into sex slaves.

Joseph Kony is warlord #1 according to the International Criminal Court, and should be stopped. He has 250 fighters and has killed 100,000s.

We can stop him by: 1. putting up posters. 2. making him famous. 3. helping KONY2012 by taking the pledge at This will make him visible to everyone so that the army can get him. If nobody knows what he’s done, nobody will want to catch him.

Cody Hull, 5th grade

Stop Joseph Kony!

Joseph Kony is a bad man, a horrible person. He collects thousands of kids. He turns them into little child soldiers, then the evil man kills their parents.

To stop him we will make him famous so our army will go to where he is and kick his butt. On the 20th we will have over 1 billion pictures of him all over. We won’t stop until we get him.

Stopping him will make history. It will be the first time kids have taken down a warlord.

Jonathan Allen, 5th grade

Stop Joseph Kony! Joseph Kony is a very bad man and his crimes need to be stopped!

Joseph Kony is the leader of the LRA (Lord’s Revolutionary Army) and they have abducted 30,000 kids in the last 25 years! He forces innocent children into kid slavery and turns the girls into sex slaves and the boys into soldiers and forces them to kill their parents.

There are many ways to stop Kony’s crimes…you can get the action kit that has buttons, shirts, posters and bracelets. You can put up the posters and tell friends and family to help out. Our goal is to make Kony famous, and make sure everyone knows who he is and how his crimes are affecting thousands of people. Then people will want him to be stopped and they’ll take action!

“The world we want is coming!…It’s just waiting for us to stop at nothing!” (KONY2012 ptII)

Hailey Rurup, Grade 6

I think we should join the Invisible Children program, just to stop Joseph Kony.

Joseph Kony is VERY BAD. He steals kids. He turns them into soldiers and slaves. He traveled through many parts of Africa like: Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Congo, and Central African Republic doing just that.

You can help stop him by covering the night on April 20th 2012. To do so, you need to form a group. Then, hang posters everywhere.Your job is to make him famous. BUT—not in a good way. We just want people to know who he is. So don’t forget April 20th 2012.

We CAN stop him, it’s just up to us. Many children are waiting for us to do something. So join Invisible Children’s program. Don’t be one of those people who just sit there. DO something.

Anonymous Wishkah 6th grader