Lawmakers out of touch

Our state representatives and senator in the 19th District have figured out how to change the subject on what they did not do last year and be re-elected by over 60 percent at the same time.

The spending in this state should have been lowered to sustainable levels but they changed the conversation with their vote for gay marriage and represented King County instead of the people who live in the 19th!

R74 was rejected in Wahkiakum County by 57.6 percent, in Grays Harbor County by 54 percent, in Pacific County by 54 percent and in Lewis County by 66 percent.

The public schools have enough dissenters from their social engineering and now this will add more dissent to our friends who work at public schools. I guess our politicians have it figured out. We the public “assume them to be what we wish them to be.”

I do not believe this “chasm” between who they represent and how they vote would be if we the public had to get up and go to the polls instead of mail-in ballots and if the news we read would do this type of analysis.

Hugh Fleet

South Bend