Leftist protesters behaving badly

Leftist protesters behaving badly

Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn should resign following the recent mayhem on May Day in Seattle.

He should have known that his fellow travelers were going to go on a rampage like they always do in liberal Seattle. After watching the leftist protesters in Seattle and other cities around the good old USA it is plain to see they are not the tea party types like leftists like to label them.

Heck, even President Obama and Nancy Pelosi seem to embrace this disruptive kind of behavior. My biggest disappointment is the media that won’t call these troublemakers out. You know The Daily World stays quiet because it endorsed the then junior senator from Chicago who was not vetted, and look at the mess he has made of this country. Conservative folks don’t act like the leftist Democrat fools do. Hopefully, in November Mitt Romney will win the White House back and we can get a new start that this country is badly in need of.

Darcy Skaalrud Sr.