Legal doesn’t mean moral

This month marks 40 years of the legalized killing of the unborn, 54,000,000 lives have been destroyed over the last 40 years. However, looking at recent trends, (nationally) about 53 percent of citizens today don’t agree with unlimited abortion. In the state of Washington, in 1991, 30,390 precious lives were destroyed at a rate of 25.67 percent; in 2010 this fell to 21,076, a rate of 15.55 percent. The trend is in a positive direction.

I’m not standing in judgment of those who make this life decision, they are responsible for their own decisions, but they can’t hide behind a bogus government law that legalizes abortion. Killing of millions of people by Hitler and Stalin during World War II was also “legal.”

The advancement of technology since 1973 clearly shows that life starts at the moment of conception. So today there is no credible argument to state this is not taking a human life. Again, I don’t condemn those who choose to destroy a tiny human life. That is their choice, and they are responsible for their own decisions.

Today there are many support groups available to council men and women in making their life decisions, before and after abortion.

In our region Free Pregnancy Counseling is provided by: Door of Hope, PRC, 360 9th St., Astoria, OR 97103, 503-325-9111/

This group is open to all, and provides a professional certified staff to council without condemnation and judgments.

I pray for those lost to abortion, and those left behind, and those who are faced with life decisions.

Ron Craig

South Bend