Let’s think about this

Grays Harbor is strategically important, the only port on the Washington Coast, a center point with a direct freeway route to our population base, and a railroad connection to the main line. In addition we have highways that extend in all directions and several airfields.

Grays Harbor is one of the keys to our regional security, but we lack an up-to-date infrastructure. Our federal and state governments must engage with us to solve the problems and funding.

Time is short, we have those who are actively working to bring in crude oil, with one-and-a-half mile trains, to huge tank farms, all next to water on sub par soil that will liquefy instantly in a severe earthquake. If oil is allowed in our ecologically sensitive area, we ourselves will be in jeopardy.

Insanity stands on its head. Where is the clarion to call to reality? Right from the start the long trains will be a constant irritant, with traffic backups, noise and safety issues. But the clincher is oil could destroy our ecology, fisheries, tourism, lifestyle and with it our economy, all for a few permanent jobs. Fate is fickle!

We need a special commission to balance and optimize our economy. One that takes into account the ratios between our infrastructure and the products to be transported. Our railroad, highways and shipping channel have many limitations. We should not build that which cannot be sustained or in balance with our ecosystem.

Step up logic. Be our leader.

David R. Furford

Frank Gordon

John Erak