Levy failure could cost on insurance premiums

I have some thoughts on the Fire District 5 levy failure. First, I would ask that everyone check with your insurance carrier what a change in rating for the district will mean for your insurance premium going up because of inadequate equipment for fire protection. Second, lets look at this, the district is strapped with financial obligations from the past and the current commissioners are trying to deal with those obligations and still provide fire and medical coverage. There is a balloon payment of $200,000 due next year. Once the obligations are paid off, the district will be in much better financial shape. So let’s give the levy lid lift a “Yes” vote so we can start repairing equipment and maintain service.

The next commissioners meeting is Monday, Sept. 10, at 7 p.m. at the Porter Fire Hall. These meetings are open to the public. Come voice your views.

Remember a slight increase is cheaper then the premium increase on our fire insurance/home owners policy.

Carl Hagen