Life’s not as hard as we make it

Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, atheist, and Christian, Muslim, pro-life or abortion rights advocate and finally pro-gay rights or against homosexual marriage: these are all labels and issues that divide this great country today. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and views in America today. How do we bridge the gap that has divided the nation in 2013? I believe we need to look into ourselves and focus on our own integrity before we debate worldviews or opinions.

As a parent, teacher and human being, I have realized that life is not all that complicated when you look at how we could create mutual respect and dialogue to mending our union. You cannot make everyone happy but you can create mutual respect: How?

All of us (myself included) must look at how we conduct our lives. We all should be asking ourselves: Am I a reliable person? Do I keep my promises? When I say I will do something, do I follow through? Do I take the easy way out or do I try to better myself and learn more about perseverance through adversity? Do I blame shift or do I stand accountable and ready to right my wrongs? Are my intentions selfish in nature or do I have the well-being of others around me at heart? Am I hard working or willing to lie down and let someone else carry the weight? Do I show self respect by presenting myself in a manner that makes my family name proud or do I tarnish the reputation of my elders? Am I on time or do I put others in a position of waiting because I put my desires before their needs — ignoring my previous obligation(s)? Do I know what an obligation is? Do I know what duty is? Do I give 100 percent of myself in my endeavors or do I give 50 percent and blame others for the remaining half? Am I responsible and thankful for what has been given to me? Am I loyal to those around me, or will I sale anyone down the river for my own lusts and/or desires?

I believe until we work on these issues, we will never mend our differences. Respect has to be earned and actions do speak louder than words. We are all allowed to believe how we want to live but are we giving people everything that is the best in ourselves or are we holding covert shadows of selfishness in our souls? Love is not just a word but an action. Do we give people solid or credible reasons to love us in our personal integrity? We can mend some divisions in our country but only if we are willing to become better human beings that can be counted on to be there when the chips are down?

Jac Crater

Lake Quinault