Looking for balance

It seems as though Virginia Swinhart in her assertion that our daily paper leans leftward may have have stumbled on to something.

I have noted that the Opinion Page offers us a pretty steady diet of Obama cheerleaders in the liberal teachings of Cynthia Tucker and E.J. Dionne. I am sure that there are some of your subscribers who are concerned about the direction that the progressives have taken this country and might welcome the views of Thomas Sowell or Ann Coulter.

Let’s hear the other side.

Richard Wenham


Editor’s note: We strive for a balance. As a counterweight to Tucker and Dionne, we regularly carry the columns of conservative George Will and Kathleen Parker, who is moderate to conservative. There are also a half dozen or so other national columnists who appear from time to time and they, too, represent a mix of liberal to conservative and several points inbetween.