Makowski supporter

The campaign to fill the position of retiring Pacific County Commissioner Bud Cuffel in District 2 (Long Beach Peninsula) turned out similar to that in District 3 two years ago in that there are two Democrats running against each other, due to the “Top Two” finish in the primary election. As a life-long Democrat, it is always difficult to have to single out one of your friends over the other in a situation like this, but it has to be done.

Both of these candidates bring to the table all the necessary talents and life experiences to do this job quite adequately, and many of these qualifications have been stated at length already by other letter writers. Instead, I would like to highlight several other, more personal, aspects that deserve as much consideration, and these are desire, heart and commitment to use these talents and experiences.

I have observed these candidates in their campaigning mode over the course of this election, and have seen only one of them exhibit the necessary gumption and “stick-to-it-ness” that I want to see in a commissioner. One who has a genuine desire and interest to persevere in keeping at and getting things done, while always maintaining an informed and balanced approach regarding budgetary priorities. One who believes he has to work as hard as he possibly can to earn your trust and your vote because of who he is, and not just because he has a “D” after his name.

I will be voting for the candidate who had the heart and desire to door-bell thousands of homes all around the county and reach out to every sort of local organization to become more knowledgeable with the whole range of economic and social issues confronting the residents of Pacific County. I will be voting for Rich Makowski, and I heartily recommend that you consider doing so also.

Michael J. Spencer