The mess they make

We have several new members in the U.S. Congress this year. Before they become members of Congress, they must swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States. They also need to be fiscally responsible in serving the citizens of Washington State. I want to provide some suggestions of how to save billions of dollars in unnecessary spending that the Congress currently is wasting.

To start with, we can stop funding the 34 “czars” that have been installed in our federal government that are unconstitutional. We can cut in half all the money to give to other countries in foreign aid. We can stop funding National Public Radio and National Public Broadcasting television. We should not fund the Department of Education, Department of Energy, and cut the costs in many other departments. We can reverse the regulations that prevent businesses from creating jobs. We can reverse Obamacare, which is estimated to cost three trillion dollars in the next five years.

The White House, the Senate, the House, Nebraska,Louisiana, and more than 1,200 unions and businesses have been given waivers to comply with this new law. If it is such a good idea, why did all our national politicians exempt themselves and give their friends “exemptions?” I believe the politicians should make no laws that they do not have to follow. The 28th amendment should be enacted so those who make the laws will have to live under the laws they make.

It is so interesting that our elected officials make the mess we have in Washington, D.C., and they tell us what a mess it is and how they can clean it up!

Fred Rapp