Mixed messages

The whiners are in good form. The state Senate is now run by moderates (including two conservative Democrats who joined mainstream Republicans). The whiners mostly represent the Seattle area, whereas one member of the coup is from a rural area — Mason County.

The assumed majority leader in the Senate, Ed Murray of Seattle, is truly upset with his loss of power. His Senate counterpart, Jeanne Kohl-Welles from Seattle, does not believe in bi-partisanship (and proved it with her actions in previous sessions).

Another Seattle area senator, Karen Keiser of Kent, is unhappy with the result of the Senate coup. She discussed the result of the recent election and said, “But the voters’ choices apparently don’t matter here today.” Golly, I wonder where she was when the voters chose, time after time after time, to reduce or eliminate taxes and to require a 2/3 majority to raise taxes only to have those successful initiatives overturned by the Legislature. I am certain she did not care about the voters’ choice during those votes!

There is a significant silence from the Harbor area legislators. At one time the Elma area of Grays Harbor was represented by Tim Sheldon, and he was a very popular conservative Democrat. I wonder why no local senators are lending him a hand.

I am confused when Harbor citizens vote for these tax and spend liberals to the Legislature and then tell them “No” on tax increases. That is a mixed message. If you do not want higher taxes, vote against the Democrats who bring you higher taxes.

No legislator will have the courage to write an op-ed piece describing why they will vote against the voters’ wishes for the 2/3 majority to raise taxes, but will happily vote to gut these initiatives.

Ardean A. Anvik