More guns is the wrong answer

Hunters need to come forward for gun controls

The NRA just recommended that we the people become an armed camp and purchase even more AK-47s and hand guns (more than we have now) not only for school employees, but also in every public place such as movie theaters, shopping malls and post offices, etc. Is that really the answer? After the Connecticut school massacre, gun sales went up in the U.S.!

The mother in Connecticut who got shot by her son/school shooter could have saved her life and the lives of the children and teachers at Sandy Hook school, if there had been a required buy-back program in place for high powered weapons where she lives. If she was registered for the guns in her house, and there were new rules in place to collect high velocity multiple round weapons, we might have avoided this event. If we put this type of program in place we might control this huge problem in America that has sadly become a daily reality. Hunters who have guns are respectful of guns, know how to carry them in the forest or anywhere, they teach their children to respect guns and how to shoot them; and, I’m sure hunters know that untrained gun owners are not capable of understanding anything about guns.

But people who simply collect guns for the fun of it, have them lying around their houses where family members have access to them and where, incidentally, they’re probably not in locked gun cases. The Second Amendment was drafted in 1791 when a rifle only shot one shot and gave ordinary American citizens the power to defend themselves against any British type or foreign occupation. The founding fathers could never have suspected that gun sales would escalate into the high fire power we now have in the hands of anybody, including mentally challenged individuals such as those whom we have recently witnessed in recent mass shootings.

I think hunters should come forward and agree to the legal collection of multiple round guns which, by the way, they don’t even use in the forest. Hunters know that it’s ridiculous to put a gun scope on an AK-47 or other high powered gun. I would remind all gun owners, who have children and grandchildren, that many Connecticut families didn’t have much of a Christmas this year due to assault weapons violence.

In addition to the collection of guns, what we need in public places, like schools and government offices, are metal detectors that keep guns out of the facility in the first place, not more guns on the inside of the facility ready for a shootout at the O.K. Corral.

Jerry Taylor