A mother’s plea

To the people who robbed my gray Jeep Cherokee Laredo on Cherry Street in Aberdeen a week or so ago: my son Brian Gregory Beaver Jr. was killed a little more two years ago, by a drunk driver on prescriptions in Missoula, Mont. Keep the small amount of money and anything else you may have thought had value. When my son Brian graduated from Elma High School he took his tassel and said “Here Mom, this is yours, I did this for you.” The tassel you took off my mirror has been hanging in my cars since Brian gave it to me going on 8 years. It’s faded turquoise and black with a gold 2005 on it. Please, please throw it back in the yard or on the Jeep, it means so much to me.

To the many wonderful people who followed my son’s story: the man that killed him and got 15 years in prison is still walking free and right now is in another state, Minnesota, living with his sister. If you go to Justice for Brian Beaver Jr. on Facebook you can read the last two years of articles. You won’t believe it.

Virginia Beaver