N.B. Career Fair thank you

N.B. thankful for Career Fair participants

More than 20 local professionals participated in the North Beach School District “Career Fair” on March 5 at the Ocean Shores Convention Center.

Special thanks to all who participated and to the staff of the Convention Center, Cheryl, Jay and Helen, for their support.

Our opening speaker, Tom Quigg did an outstanding job with is presentation on, “The Harbor” A Culture of Success. This was an inspirational talk on success stories of people from the Harbor.

Thanks to: Eric Potts, Cassie Lentz, Josh Steele, Barbara Haapanen, Brandon Kahler, Judy Horn, Norm Callaghan, Sean Gow, Ed Wayman, Dori Untersetter, Dr. Stephanie Devaney, Ocean Shores Fire Department, Andy Bickar, David Robbins, Peter Fry, Mike Doolittle, Angie Perez, Rayanne Grasso, Cody Johnson, Krysten Irvine, Mary Nelson, Patrice Timpson, Brett Mackey, Todd Bridge, Wendy Leighty, Lisa Gideon, Diane Gibby, Mike Klemetson and Jaen Henry.

David Wayman, CTE Director

North Beach School District