New twist on “Shop the Harbor”

Hopefully by now we all try to spend our hard-earned dollars locally whether we are talking about food, clothing, cars or merchandise. Having a strong local economy has such a profound impact on so many aspects of “life on the Harbor.”

For the next week or two there is an opportunity to help boost that economy with just a few clicks of a mouse! King 5 and Evening Magazine just launched their annual “Best of the Northwest” contest where nominated businesses and public locations compete for statewide recognition.

Last year Westport took honors in five of the categories (Best Lighthouse, Best Winery Tour, Best Hotel, Best Charter Fishing and Best Surfing Beach) and the result was an episode of Evening Magazine showcasing those winners! That kind of exposure helps bring people to Grays Harbor and bolsters the economy in many ways.

This year there are many Grays Harbor area attractions or businesses featured so please take a moment and go to to browse the categories and vote for your favorites. You can search by name (ie “westport”) or a specific business. You can nominate an attraction, a festival or a business and you can enter to win a $5,000 vacation from King 5. Please take the time to give our area the recognition is deserves.

Mike Coverdale