No chemicals

An open letter to the Mayor of Ocean Shores Crystal Dingler:

Please re-evaluate your decision as stated in the Mayor’s Report allocating $10,000 for “roadside weed spraying” and nothing for “striping.” This tax revenue would be much better spent spraying fog lines on even a few major arteries in Ocean Shores. Common sense should also be taken into consideration. Weeds and their roots help to stop the erosion of our roads from the wet environment and can be controlled as needed. To help prove this point I urge the mayor to drive to Oyehut. Then inspect their roads, which have not been sprayed for more than 20 years because of the danger posed to family pets.

In closing I urge others to call or write urging fog lines instead of dangerous chemicals. Ask her to do it for safety reasons, as we all know how foggy it can get in Ocean Shores. Please don’t tell me how safe chemicals are today, as I am old enough to remember the advertisements saying how safe DDT was, too!

Thank you.

Cynthia Bova

Ocean Shores