No free lunch

To help explain how the Affordable Care Act will affect Medicaid recipients, the Washington State Office of The Insurance Commissioner, the Statewide Health Insurance Benefits Advisers and AARP are offering two sessions to explain how this act will work.

Not only that, but the sessions will include a free lunch. What a deal?

Let’s see, there are about one million Medicaid recipients in this state. Likely most of them are low income seniors. The two sessions scheduled to explain the act are to be held on March 19 in Spokane and March 21 on Mercer Island.

Now, suppose all of the recipients go on-line and make the required reservations, suppose they can all afford the trip to attend the sessions and then suppose they all show up! Is Washington State going to supply one million free lunches for them?

Does Washington State have a large enough building to handle around 500,000 people and still observe the fire and handicap codes? This is your government at work. This is also idiotic!

If Washington State knows who these Medicare recipients are, why don’t they write a simple easy to understand (no legalese please) letter and just mail it to them?

I’d like to see some good old-fashioned common sense used in matters like this, but I am probably shooting too high to expect that.

Larry Wakefield