No free lunches

“You’re paying for American salaries.”

There, I finally said it.

I have been working for two years as a Santa’s helper with a photography company and I’ve wanted to say it every time someone complained about our prices.

You see, while I have taken a stand against the CEO’s unwillingness to pay their workers what they are worth, I have also come to realize that Americans’ shopping habits have to take some of the blame. We don’t want to pay for anything anymore.

We want good roads, a good education for our children, police that protect us, but we don’t want to pay taxes.

We want iPads, and computers, quality clothes, good cars, but we always look for a sales price and we complain if we have to pay full price for anything.

Don’t misunderstand. I am well aware that almost half of us live below the poverty level and honestly can’t afford to pay full price. I’m not talking to them.

It’s everyone else who should be carefully analyzing what they buy and working at paying American salaries instead of complaining about it. The companies I worked for hired professional photographers, professional Santas and helpers. All of these employees worked at maintaining the fantasy for the children. However, instead of recognizing that, people complained about the prices.

So this year, I said it, because I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. “You’re paying American salaries.”

Karen DeMasters