Not a fan of Obamacare

In his piece on the Oct. 17 Opinion Page, “The GOP has subverted the democratic process,” Chris Crew tries to blame the Republicans for stupid actions of President Obama and the Senate Democrats. One of his first statements was the Affordable Healthcare Act was passed by the Democrats. It wouldn’t have passed without waivers given to Nebraska and Louisiana for the vote of their senators so they wouldn’t have to participate. So these two states decided to impose this terrible act on the other 48 as long as they didn’t have to be part of it. Also, the Senate and House of Representatives excluded themselves from this disaster before they would vote for it. This was when Democrats controlled both the House and the Senate. Of course, the executive branch of our government is also excluded. Then in the election of 2012, in order to get support and approval of the unions and many large businesses, they required waivers, and got them.

Now these wonderful leaders want to impose this “train wreck” on the rest of us. Senator Backus, one of the architects of this disaster, was the one who called it a train wreck.

Chris is an attorney and knows how little he could accomplish if the other person in a negotiation wouldn’t negotiate. President Obama stated on many occasions he wouldn’t even talk with the Republican caucus.

In order to overcome the poor plan to restore our economy, the administration has worked with the Federal Reserve to print billions of dollars with no backing. This soon will cause runaway inflation, much like the “Stagflation” we had with President Carter.

The effect of Obamacare is making American companies operate on part-time workers. If you don’t have 50 full-time workers, you don’t have to comply with the rules and don’t have to pay the fines it requires.

If we really want to know what this stupid law will do, why don’t we revoke all waivers, add all the government be included and we will see right away how devastating this law will actually be. It is actually estimated to already cost us 300 percent of the original estimated cost. It is disrupting our entire economy and will continue to cost more and more.

Since President Obama doesn’t seem to believe anything is his problem, perhaps he can blame it on Ronald Reagan.

Thank you for this opportunity to balance the “party line” by Mr. Crew.

Fred Rapp



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