Now what?

With the election over, leaving conservatives with our heads shaking, I have a few questions for my friends on the left. I am not a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or even a Tea Party member. I am a pragmatist, and in my case it lands me closest to the conservatives, although the idea of political parties is not something I can support, for many reasons.

I sat on the edge of my seat during the debates, as the two candidates slugged it out and especially when they talked about our economy. It left me with a feeling that neither party spelled out their answer as to how they would reverse the horrible debt our nation has amassed and continues to incur as each moment passes. I think I can imagine Gov. Romney’s plan, but I don’t think he articulated it well. I understood Mr. Obama to say his answer was to increase taxes on the wealthy, protect the middle class, and cut spending where possible. Both of these men did a poor job of explaining what their plan was to thwart a problem I think we can all agree is tantamount to the healthy future of our country in the short and long term.

Now that Mr. Obama will be with us for another term, I must get to my questions. As a pragmatist, things have to make sense to me, and I am having a little trouble understanding the details of the left’s economic plan for the USA. If anyone cares to, please help me understand:

• If taxing the wealthiest Americans at a higher rate will generate $700 billion in 10 years (by the left’s own math — NY Times 8/10/10) and Mr. Obama’s projected deficits for his spending proposals over the next 10 years would be 9.5 trillion (Congressional Budget Office calculations), how does his (Mr. Obama’s) math make any sense? Also factor in the Affordable Healthcare Act new estimated cost at nearly $3 trillion dollars, rather than Obama’s pitch of $900 Billion. (Again, the CBO’s calculated cost analysis) Not to mention, Social security and (Ugh) Medicare being horrifically underfunded.

• What do you think Mr. Obama is going to do when the reality of the tremendous shortfall sets in?

• Do you think he will explore taxing households with less and less income?

• Do you think he will be willing to make the necessary cuts in government spending?

• Have the American people been given a true sense of the economic situation that is befalling us? Or, are you satisfied everything is going to turn out alright?

• Judging from history past, when has a country or society ever successfully taxed its people into prosperity?

These and many other questions of liberal ideology are very unclear to me. I would feel much better if someone could clear them up, as the rhetoric I hear from the left sounds like a repackaging of Leninist propaganda. So please, put me on the straight and narrow…

Denny Martin