Obama won because he was the best choice

In his Dec. 11 letter to the editor, Ron Craig asserted President Obama won re-election because “The majority believes they are entitled to other’s money.” Hogwash! The majority of Americans voted for President Obama because he and his ideas were the better choice. The majority want a fair system.

The top 2 percent own a vast majority of the wealth of this nation. They have garnered a majority of the increased wages and wealth in the last decade. And, they consume a large portion of American resources. Going back to the Clinton era rates for them makes sense. Warren Buffet and a large cadre of millionaires and billionaires have stated they would like to see the wealthy pay more to help solve the deficit issues facing our county.

Americans want results, not more division and attack. Results will be achieved when the majority and the minority see areas of agreement, such as the need for jobs, lots of them. Jobs create demand for goods and services and demand creates jobs (not the rich).

Patrick Wadsworth