Obamacare not free, but it’s worth it

James W. Miller III suggested in his Aug. 24th letter, that I wrote regarding healthcare in America, “we are going to get all this free stuff and we are all going to be better off then we are today.”

Nowhere in the letter did I say it’s free.

We know healthcare has a cost.

The question is how much is it going to cost and how will we pay the bill.

We can pay for the uninsured with our own higher rates (we pay for shoplifters with higher prices for consumer goods) or we can have an American system ensure all citizens have access to healthcare. I choose the latter and know it is not free.

While I would prefer a universal single-payer system, the Affordable Care Act is a great start. I don’t think I wrote it, but Mr. Miller is correct in suggesting I think because of what I proudly call ObamaCare, “we are all going to be better off than we are today.”

Jim Eddy