Oceanographer’s talk could be deep

Our curiosity with what happens beneath the surface of the ocean often goes unanswered. The mysteries of the ocean, which is right here at our doorstep, continue to baffle us. A guest scientist coming to the Grays Harbor College campus in the coming week has found a way to add technology to the depths of the ocean, and harness a tremendous amount of helpful information as a result.

On Thursday, Jan. 24, Grays Harbor College is proud to welcome noted University of Washington oceanographer Dr. John Delaney to the campus and our community. He will be speaking about his team’s efforts to discover answers to that age-old question about the depths of the ocean, by creating a cable network of deep-ocean sensors off the Harbor and along the Pacific Coast.

Sponsored by the GHC Speakers Committee, please plan on attending Dr. Delaney’s 7 p.m. presentation at the Bishop Center, when he will share his studies of the physical, chemical and biological mid-ocean interactions and his bold plan to gather unprecedented amounts of oceanic data; data that can be used for predictions of weather, volcanic activities, tidal waves and other occurrences. He will also speak at noon on Thursday in Room 2250 on our campus. Both sessions are open to the public at no charge.

Dr. Delaney’s visit to the Harbor is coordinated by GHC alum Pat Hughes, and we really appreciate Pat’s efforts in bringing him to the Harbor and to the college. Dr. Delaney will also be meeting with our math and science faculty and students, as well as younger students in the Aberdeen School District while he is on the Harbor. The Delaney project is funded through the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative. He also heads the Oceanography Department within the UW’s School of the Environment.

To learn more about Dr. Delaney and his team, click on www.ted.com/talks/john_delaney . Then, please plan on attending one or both of Dr. Delaney’s presentations on campus this Thursday.

Dr. Edward J. Brewster

President, Grays Harbor College