Offended by political ad

This is In response to Allan Shores’ offensive and underhanded remarks about Frank Gordon in the recent ads he has been running.

Mr. Shores, you are the “clear and present danger” to Grays Harbor, with your smear campaign against a decent and honest man such as Frank Gordon, whose only concern is that our county is able to stay afloat and not sink along with Mary’s River Lumber in Montesano, which could put a lot of people out of work and even send families out of the county if you are elected. Likewise, it sounds like you are willing to send Walmart and Burger King packing. Your idea of getting businesses to move here from Olympia and Seattle in order to make up for lost revenue is also ridiculous. Don’t you think if they were inclined to move here that commissioner Herb Welch would have gotten them here already?

Even Ron Armstrong was man enough to admit he was wrong. Maybe it’s time you man up and start running a clean campaign.

Judy Alberts