Oil, crossword puzzles and comics

I heartily agree with S.R. Frank’s Aug. 13 letter, “Our policies should support U.S. workers.” I would favor shipping our resources out of the Harbor if the government would put restrictions on where these resources go. The only people who would benefit would be the oil companies and the Asians.

Also, the comic strips are so small that it is difficult to distinguish some of the written words. How about canceling those two inane strips, “Rhymes with Orange and “F Minus” and enlarging the other comic?

And finally, Tuesday’s paper’s layout is fine but for Thursday and Saturday, please stop putting the crossword puzzles and the Sudoku on opposing positions on opposite pages as it makes it impossible for the two of us to work the two without making copies.

Mickey Miller


Editor’s note — The government’s energy and economic policies are only slightly harder than finding space for the crossword and Sudoku puzzles to make it convenient for every one, but we will do what we can. As for the comics, they are the same size as the daily comics have been for years. We plead quilty to shrinking them for a while when we still had a Sunday edition, but we increased the size again when we started the three day per week print format.