Oil spill inevitable

I have a lot of questions and concerns on the proposed oil plan for the Port of Grays Harbor.

An oil spill will happen, it’s just an inevitable question of when. Where is self evident — in our shorelines and estuaries.

It may affect only Grays Harbor and not like the spill that polluted the entire Gulf Coast a few years ago.

If you remember, the oil special interests only made a perfunctory apology, paid a pittance of a fine, paid their CEO millions of dollars in severance pay so he could escape to somewhere in the United Kingdom.

Do you have such a safety net, Port of Grays Harbor Commissioner Chuck Caldwell? Jobs? What a joke — I lay you odds the vast majority of employment will come from elsewhere besides here. Professionals? Another joke — lackeys with a fixed income and only job security in their resume. So, who’s going to sell out the people? I say to you, if you have a voice vote the scalawags (varmints) out.

Our Quinault Indian Nation President Fawn Sharp mentioned a concern beyond environmental damage, the harm along our coast would decimate marine life. All you clam diggers and fishermen, what are you going to do when that economic and recreational opportunity is destroyed? Sounds like Hoquiam Mayor Jack Durney and Councilman Byron Hyde are overdue to be put out to pasture.

Felix Capoeman