Once upon a time …

Once upon a time in the land of Daily World, the king started to lie. After years and years of telling his subjects it was very important to offer printed copies of the news of the kingdom every day, suddenly he declared it was just as good to offer the printed news fewer days each week. The king smiled and said that he had made a deal with the Sorceress Internet to provide news to the kingdom on the days the printed news copies were not made.

Those who went to the Sorceress were seduced by her ability to provide news far beyond what the printed copies of the kingdom’s news had included. Even better, cooed the Sorceress, you can get news without paying a fee to the kingdom. The merchants who had been paying the kingdom a fee to present their wares in the printed news visited the Sorceress and she whispered sweet to each of them promising to offer their wares to many more for much less.

The king’s adviser warned the king that his deal with the Sorceress was financially foolhardy and that the king needed to do everything he could to sustain an alternative to visiting the Sorceress or else the kingdom was doomed. The king just smiled and reassured the adviser, as well as all his subjects, that it would all work out.

It has been awhile since the Kingdom Of Daily World has faded away. Those who relied on Daily World for their livelihoods continue to stay and struggle where the kingdom once stood, or have moved away.

Hey, look over there — it’s the former king of Daily World. He looks well and happy. Why did the king not work any harder to save his kingdom? You see, what the former king learned is that even if you let your kingdom fail, there will always be somebody willing to pay you for the skill of telling convincing, reassuring lies, to those who desperately want to believe them.

Bryan Doull