One should pay for the services one uses

From 1967 to 1992 I lived in rural Ohio. I lived 20 miles from a grocery, gas station, a library and my job. Nearly every day I trekked, over a rough and poorly maintained road, to a community where those services were available. At home I was more than a quarter mile from the nearest neighbor, and I struggled to run my own water system and waste system. When my car was pillaged, I called the sheriff and it took two days for officers to knock on my door. There was no fire department or EMS. Age and retirement led me to rethink my situation and I retired to the North Beach, an area where my family had once had a beach cabin.

I preferred the farthest north areas, which have lovely views and less wind, but I chose Ocean Shores. I wanted to be near the grocery, I wanted a police department, a water department, EMS, and yes, a library. In short, I chose to live in a community. It was a quite an adjustment, living cheek to jowl with neighbors. And of course I found that the advantages of a community have a cost. I found that taxes provided the services I sought and that it was also necessary for me to be an active participant in my community in order to ensure it would thrive. My days of living in splendid isolation were done, and I had to do my part. And so, I ask you to do your part and vote “yes” to support our library. Our library is an active place where we can access information and entertainment and enjoy programs for both our young and adult citizens.

Our state law stipulates that the library cannot charge residents user-fees, so the only way we can support these services is through our tax dollar. Please contribute!

Betty Smith

Ocean Shores