Only the good old boys could have taken this long

I had to laugh when I read Hugh Fleet’s Dec. 1, letter to the editor about equal rights being a step down.

All of the quotes he referred to were made by men, but not one woman was quoted.

Winston Churchill’s quote had no bearing on equality; it referred to the United States becoming involved in World War II.

As for William Penn, his quote referred to the total populace, not just women.

To say that women have “won” the right to work like a man, curse, smoke, to laugh at and tell smutty jokes is not only incredibly offensive, but borders on the ridiculous.

He forgot to say that it took more than 200 years longer for women to attain all these “rights” than it did men.

A few other things he forgot to mention were that women did not have the right to vote until 1920; that women could not own property until about 1900, but were considered property; that women were not given the same education as men; and that women had little to say about their health coverage.

All of these things were not given to women, they were earned. The fact is that many women get paid less than a man for doing the same equivalent job; that women frequently get passed over for promotion because a man applied for the job, even though she is equally qualified.

If women were truly equal, they would probably be running this country and would have equal representation in both the House and Senate in Washington, D.C., and in the judicial system.

I’m quite sure that would change the policies on abortion that all those old men have passed or not passed.

If women were truly equal we would have had a woman as president by now. Let’s face it, this country is run by opinionated, intractable, self-satisfied, highly polarized and often incompetent prejudicial men, and until women truly stand up for their rights and say “Enough is enough” and elect more women to office, it will stay screwed up as only those “good old boys” can do it.

Larry Wakefield