Pass the EMS levy

We are writing to ask the voters in rural McCleary (Fire Dist. 12) to please vote “yes” for EMS (Emergency Medical Service) (Ambulance/Paramedics) coverage in the upcoming special election in April.

Rural McCleary (Fire Dist. 12) has never passed an EMS levy. Not sure why, but our guess is it’s because folks are tired of paying taxes or not really understanding that without passing a levy they won’t have EMS service.

The only reason we have coverage now is because the fire commissioners have been paying District 5 to cover rural McCleary. Previously they have submitted an EMS levy only to have it fail. They can no longer afford to pay for this service out of fire funds.

If the special levy being run in April fails we will NOT have ambulance coverage in rural McCleary.

A levy failure not only affects the residents of rural McCleary, it affects anyone passing through the area on local roads such as Highway 8 and Highway 108 that are within Fire District 12.

A failure could also impact home and property sales, as who wants to buy in an area with no EMS service?

Please take some time to go to a levy meeting to learn more about this very important vote. Levy meetings will be held on 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 27, March 13 and 27th and April 10 at the Community Center in McCleary.

Chuck and Linda Phillips

Mike and Marie Stoney