Paying to infringe on our liberty

On July 24, the U.S. House of Representatives held a vote on an amendment to the 2014 defense appropriations bill. Among one of the many amendments proposed was one that would defund the mass collection of American citizens’ phone records. This amendment would not defund the NSA as many claimed but would simply stop any funding from going to mass collection of phone data. Funding would still go toward things like legal, court approved, warranted wire-taps, and other things of the like which follow the 4th Amendment procedure of obtaining a warrant before collecting any kind of information on American citizens.

I am writing this letter due to the fact that our representative, Derek Kilmer, voted against the amendment.

Now, I don’t know about you, but my feeling is that this 6th district isn’t for unwarranted and unaccountable searches and seizures, which this program amounts to. Therefore, I think it can be said that Mr. Kilmer is not properly representing our district, even though as a member of the Democratic party, he is supposed to be against violations against our civil liberties such as this.

To end, next year when it comes time to vote, just remember that Mr. Kilmer cast a vote to allow the federal government to continue to collect and store data about your private phone calls, all in secret, without warrant or probable cause.

Tyler Stanton