Playday parade organizers looking for support

The Hoquiam Elks Grand Parade on Loggers Playday is getting closer, but it is still not too late to send in your application. Rumors have surfaced that there will not be a parade, but that is not true.

As most of you know from articles in The Daily World, the Loggers Playday Committee, which has always funded the parade, denied us that money this year because of our route choice. Out of the $6,500 granted to the Elks Parade each year, the Hoquiam Elks Parade Committee only requested $4,500 this year, as we were committed to raise the additional $2,000 to supplement the total parade budget.

First, we want to thank the City of Hoquiam for awarding us with $3,500 through the Lodging Tax Fund. Also, the Hoquiam Elks Lodge is raffling off a barbeque (half gas/half charcoal), a $200 gift card from McHugh’s Furniture, a $100 gift card from the PUD (donated by Elks members), and other fine prizes. The raffle tickets are one dollar apiece and Elks members are selling them. We are also having a spaghetti dinner, dessert auction and basket raffle on Wednesday, Aug. 29, at 6 p.m. This event is open to the public. The spaghetti dinner is $5.

Second, the Hoquiam Elks have continued to follow a protocol that was set in place long before the seven years that we have chaired the parade. In the past, a small stipend has been given to non-profit youth groups participating in the parade to help continue their missions. For example, some of those groups include: high school bands, Boy and Girl Scouts, 4-H, all-star baseball teams, boys and girls youth football and cheerleaders, etc. Not reaching our goal will cut back or eliminate these stipends altogether.

Finally, the Hoquiam Elks Lodge is accepting any donations for the parade. Any participation, either through the raffle tickets, the spaghetti fundraiser or cash donations would be greatly appreciated. The Hoquiam Elks Grand Parade on Loggers Playday will continue to put on the finest, time-honored parade that you, the community, have come to expect.

The parade is on Sept. 8, at noon. Applications can be picked up at the Hoquiam Elks, downloaded from the City of Hoquiam website (, or call 532-0590 and we will FAX you a copy. See you all on Parade Day!

Bonnie Cable, Parade Chair

Brenda Carlstrom, Parade Co-Chair