Political games

It appears games are more important to our commissioners than the management of the primary legal office in the county. It seems the local Democratic Party was not confident in the two Republicans respecting their top choice to run the Prosecutor’s Office. To use the words of Vini Samuel, they put in “an offensive line” to protect their top choice in case the commissioners had their own agenda.

The concern was the Republicans on the commission would never appoint the Democratic Party’s top choice. It seems worrying about only the Republicans was an oversight. The lone Democrat on the commission was no better.

The commission gave a unanimous nod to a capable attorney in Vini Samuel, even though they knew she didn’t really want to hold the job. Now, that’s not saying she won’t accept it. I don’t know the answer to that. But, it was clearly in response to Mike Spencer being omitted from the list.

In print, Commissioner Gordon suggested Ms. Samuel was not qualified to hold the job but, without interviewing any of the three candidates, he and the other commissioners decided she was more deserving of their votes than the individual he had deemed qualified and patronizingly called, “our girl, Katie.”

So, while I wasn’t pleased with the actions of the party in early October, I now whole-heartedly embrace them and understand the reasons for their actions.

I doubt, Ms. Samuel will accept the spot, but if she does, the county will be well represented. If, on the other hand, she does not, it is my opinion the party would not submit any additional names, but instead wait for the governor to respect the party’s top choice. As he would perform his duty where the commissioners have failed, he would most likely appoint the exceptionally capable Ms. Katie Svoboda to the position who lacks none of the training Mr. Spencer suggested was necessary.

With the commissioners fully aware of the low morale in the deeply overworked and understaffed Prosecutor’s Office they thought it best to perpetuate that problem. They complained about “political games” from a political party … the entity charged with playing politics. But, rather than provide a fix for the department tasked with sending felons to Walla Walla, they would rather try to fix their intended appointee’s position with legal games of their own.

The GOP has long held government is incapable and/or inefficient. Whenever they are put in charge, they prove it.

Jim Eddy



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