Pothole wakeup call

This is about the streets of Montesano. I am a 76-year-old handicapped lady in a wheelchair. My husband and I bought our home 53 years ago in the 400 block of Pioneer in Montesano. At that time it was paved. Over the years the city put gravel in the holes and as time went on they no longer do that.

Now this street has gone from holes to craters. The city has been granted money for improvement. They have chosen to use it on 3rd Street and downtown which are in very good shape but do nothing to the streets that need repair.

Why is this money being wasted again? Every time the city gets money they use it for something foolish instead of improving the things that need improved.

Is it going to take someone getting hurt and suing to wake this town up?

I ask anyone who thinks this not a problem to drive down the street behind the 400 block of Pioneer then give your thoughts.

Nina Herrick