Precinct officers spoke

The recent brouhaha about the prosecuting attorney choice has me wondering about what my vote means.

I have been a Democratic PCO (Precinct Committee Officer) for the South Shore area of Grays Harbor for many years. Over the past two months, I was contacted by all of the candidates for the position of prosecuting attorney. I had an opportunity to read and digest all of the materials that were sent and listen to all of the candidates’ conversations.

Mr. Mike Spencer came to two meetings of the Democratic Party and presented his case before the body. Both times I was struck by his apparent issues with women in the workplace and other comments that convinced me and those I represent that we would not want this person as the head of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The October meeting of the party included all of the candidates. Each had an opportunity to make one last plea for the PCOs to vote for them. All four candidates were on the first ballot and we had an opportunity to vote for any one of the four. The vote settled out with Mr. Spencer trailing with only five votes, thereby eliminating him from the second voting process to rank the candidates to be presented to the County Commissioners.

That vote selected Katie Svoboda by a wide margin, confirming my choice of Katie as the most qualified of the remaining three for the position.

I have subsequently learned that the commissioners have taken issue with this selection. Rather than appoint the top candidate selected by the party they have ignored the Washington State Constitution, Article II, Section 15 which states that the parties choose the candidate and have instead denied the selection by the duly elected PCOs.

We are elected officers of the party and it is unacceptable that our vote is being ignored and dismissed.

Arthur (R.D.) Grunbaum

PCO Precinct 94