Pregnancy center deserves support

Light a candle, don’t curse the darkness. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt is perhaps the most famous person to use this phrase, but it’s been in our lexicon for years. The Astoria Pregnancy Resource Center Door of Hope has been serving our area for years, thanks to the selfless devotion of Patty Dunn, her staff, volunteers and many faith communities. This center provides hope for those women and men who are struggling with the question of choosing life vs. abortion. This center is open to all without charges, serves all faiths, non faiths and ethnic groups.

This is an important service for our area, which provides an alternative to the 14 abortion centers in our region of Southwest Washington-Northwest Washington.

Abortion has and is the most contentious political-social issue of our times, but many times we forget about the women who are caught-up in these very difficult life decisions which can have devastating consequences for them and their families.

Recently the Knights of Columbus councils in Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon, with support from many communities, partnered with the Supreme (National) Knights of Columbus Council and purchased an advanced Ultra-Sound machine and HD monitor for the Astoria Pregnancy Center which can detect early life. Experience shows that when a woman can see life, they will likely choose life and not abortion.

Providing an advanced tool to assist women and not condemn women in their life decisions is indeed lighting a candle not cursing the darkness.

The Astoria Pregnancy Resource Center Door of Hope provides this hope for the women in need without incrimination or judgments. To contact them:

Astoria Pregnancy Resource Center Door of Hope

360 9th St.

Astoria, OR 97103

503 325 9111

I pray for the children lost to abortion, those that are struggling with the choice for life decision and those left behind.

Ron Craig

South Bend