Prescription for problems

There is a lot of consternation and hand wringing about the causes of mass shootings and what to do about it. Most of the talk is for regulations with some reference to mental health issues. The cause of the problem is staring us right in the face! Autopsies on 80 percent of these shooters showed the presence of tranquilizing drugs (Prozac, Zoloft and all the related mood altering pills being prescribed like crazy for the last 15 years). These psychoactive drugs cause serious negative side effects. Just listen to commercials. For more awareness of this problem check the website of Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy.

We are poisoning ourselves and our environment with these chemicals. Studies show that they are no more effective for the problems they are prescribed for than a placebo. Big Pharma is making a bundle pushing this poison on us. These senseless shootings are a result. Can we stop this senselessness? Will the mental health solution be to force drugging people who are a little different with these poisons? Whatever happened to Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No To Drugs”?

James Preisinger

Pacific Beach